We are a team of 14 international photography professionals, currently working in India.

Foreign spirits, Indian at heart, we are a unique blend of Indian and Western flavours.

We like to think out of the box - yet can follow instructions to the dot. We bring you Swiss precision, German reliability, Italian creativity, Indian versatility with a dash of French charm - all converging to delivering nothing but world class results.

We are passionate artists aspiring to the best in every detail. "Quality & Perfection" is our motto!

We use Canon 5D Mark III cameras, countless conventional and specialised lenses, Broncolor lights, Apple computers and Eizo screens.

The pinch from our immense prop collection, the footprint of our creative director, the brushstrokes of our in-house post-processing team and the charm of pool of models are regularly seen in glossy magazines and advertisings competing on the world stage.

We are also proud to be part of the Auroville Foundation and the first and only green photography studio in the country, running entirely on solar energy.

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